Mobile access solutions

On the go? iPhone? Check. Laptop? Check.
Whether you’re just going home after a hard day’s work or going on holidays for a well-deserved retreat, you can keep an eye on your business or home with our state of the art mobile access solutions.

You can view live footage on your iPhone/Blackberry/HTC and find peace of mind and save time, while managing your business more efficiently.


Hybrid system

sqVISION can integrate and convert your current analogue system into a user friendly digital system.

Intelligent IP Software applications


  • Clear facial capture
  • Search and detection of lost and foreign objects
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • Point-of-Sales application (POS) with display of the till receipt
  • Counting application for people/cars/objects
  • Detection of vandalism carried on cameras – obstruction, cable cutting
  • Perimeter protection with Infrared lighting in low light levels
  • Get e-mail and text alerts of movement to your laptop, PC or mobile.


IP Surveillance Cameras

  • High resolution images thanks to HD cameras
  • IP67 water and vandal resistant cameras for public areas
  • Record 30 days or more


Biometric Devices and software

  • Identity verification and access control: biometric fingerprint and facial recognition, smart card
  • Attendance management
SCR100 F18 TF1700 iClockS880 iFace402 KR501 KR502 inBIO46 L-180 Lock