sqVISION understands the importance of being able to support our Customers so that they obtain systems designed unique to their premises and their requirements. We offer high quality digital CCTV systems & access control equipment with fingerprint and facial recognition that is the best in the industry.
We offer our customers a complete service. We visit your site, identify the problem/s and offer you a fully tailored solution.
  1. Free site survey & quotation
  2. Personalised solution
  3. Installation of security system
  4. Training
  5. Maintenance agreement

High Definition security solutions, Remote monitoring solutions, Fingerprint & Facial recognition access control solutions


Intelligent systems
You want a system that you can access through your iPhone or Blackberry? All of our solutions can be monitored remotely over the internet via laptop, PC or Smartphone. You will be able to visualise live feeds from your business at home or while travelling abroad.
Our intelligent systems will identify ‘the person’ and not just ‘a person’. The High Definition Megapixel pictures offered by our systems provide clear facial capture and license plate recognition. This will provide crucial evidence in a court of law.
Our software is user friendly. It records and saves information that can be easily accessed. The systems we use are equipped with motion detection and active tempering alarm. You can receive an instant text message and e-mail to your smartphone, PC or laptop.
For your specialised security problems we also offer access control systems, with biometric fingerprint and facial recognition.
video surveillance