About us

We at sqVISION are experts in the camera surveillance field and our aim is to safeguard your business. We are able to provide discreet video surveillance with exceptional image detail. What makes us unique from our competitors is our capability to provide a one stop solution for your security needs.

Our high performance unique solutions have helped businesses increase profits by reducing theft and other losses. We save our customers time by enabling them to manage their business more efficiently via remote Internet monitoring through PC, laptops and smartphones. We also reduce risk for our clients, for example, by providing evidence in cases of slip and fall accidents.

We have successfully collaborated with hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, car showrooms, pharmacies, banks, casinos, office buildings, industrial sites, warehouses, schools and government buildings.

sqVISION was founded in Belgium in 2003 by Thierry Losfeld, who introduced hybrid CCTV & IP camera systems, driving the video surveillance market forward.

sqVISION is present in the Benelux countries (Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg), France and Africa (Rwanda, Burundi and D.R. Congo).


Our team

pic Ken Losfeld General Manager
Operations & technology
Belgium branch
Phone: +32 59 33 33 33
pic Côme Minani General Manager Burundi branch
Mobile 1: +257 79924721 Mobile 2: +257 78924721Mobile BE: +32 474 89 99 05

Without forgetting all the people on the job sites.